Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Is Christ in the Christian Home?

When you’re thinking about selling your home, a real estate agent helps you get your home ready for people to look at. It’s all about the presentation, isn’t it?!

So your agent walks through your home with you, and tells you, “This has to go, this can stay, move this over here, paint these walls, get rid of the cat box (ugh!), take down these pictures and these family photos,” etc.

It’s all about “curb appeal” inside the house, in every room, making it possible for potential buyers to see themselves living in your home. (And of course, now they will take a video tour of your home online before they ever get in the car.)

Many, if not most, existing homes are sold this way—with your furniture in the home … but not too much! Or maybe some of your furniture isn’t up to snuff, so you rent or buy new furniture to increase the appeal of your home.

But it’s all about the impression that is created—from the time people drive up to the house (which they say is a time many people will decide “this is it” before they ever walk in the door), to the walk onto the front porch, through the front door and then into each room of the home.

It’s all about the walk-through.

But they don’t really see “your” home, do they? They see a sanitized, idealized, made for TV, made for “creating-the-best-possible-impression” house.

What would people see if they walked through your home right now…maybe they’re not interested in buying your home.  Maybe they’re interested in “buying” or checking out your family values, your core beliefs … in other words, what glues your family together (or maybe what pulls your family apart?).

What will they see in your home?

Will they discover in you a family with Christian values and Christ’s love running deep in your relationships—your interactions—with one another? And just what would that look like?

Room by room, what would they see, if they observed your mealtime together (maybe on the couch in front of the TV rather than in the dining room – or maybe you have a TV right there in the kitchen and it’s on during every meal?).

What will they learn about your family:
  • as they look at the appointments calendar hanging in your kitchen;
  • or the computer’s history over the past few weeks; 
  • the magazines in the bathroom
  • the music or talk radio you're listening to;
  • the pictures and magnets adorning your refrigerator door;
  • and just what is in that fridge?
If they could listen to your conversations with your spouse, your children … what you say about your next door neighbors … would they hear Christ’s love reflected in those conversations (or bickering, complaining, yelling…)?

For the month of August, we’re going to take a walk through the Christian home – room by room – and ask the question, “Is Christ here?”

Is there compelling evidence that yours is a “Christian home”?

How can your family begin to live out the love of Christ with authenticity and integrity behind those closed doors? And when company stops by?

See you this Sunday at 9:00 or 10:30!

Stay connected,

Pastor Mike