Friday, April 22, 2011

How Good is Good Enough?

“That’s good enough for government work.”

We’ve all heard that line – you’ve probably said it a few times!
It’s a very telling line … “good enough for government work…”
it means good enough to get by,
good enough to slide through,
good enough to get us out of here so we can go eat lunch,
or clock out for the weekend. TGIF! Let’s go!

It’s the phrase you might use when you’re doing volunteer work, and so you justify cutting corners … it doesn’t have to be perfect. Or you’re donating some of the materials and some of your time, so what do people expect?

So, when is “good enough” … not good enough?

When it’s your transmission that’s being rebuilt…
When it’s your business that’s being represented…
When it’s your son or daughter’s education…
When it’s your mom that’s going in for surgery…
…do I see a pattern here?

Sometimes it makes sense to cut corners, but other times—when it happens to us—we feel like we’re been cheated, we feel like we aren’t respected, or we aren’t valued, because someone only did “good enough” by us.

Jesus never settled for “good enough.” Jesus came into a world that was satisfied with good enough, and Jesus said, “That’s not good enough; this is not what my Father intended when He created the world.”

God is not happy with marriages that are average,
or with governments that are self-serving,
or with a business that doesn’t value its employees' labors—
or with employees that blow things off when the boss isn’t looking.

None of this is “good enough”.

Jesus came to show us a better way—God’s way.  Jesus went all the way to the Cross, because that was the only way to give us God’s best—
- full forgiveness,
- new life,
- an inheritance as God’s adopted children,
- in a New Heaven and a New Earth
- for all eternity.
Not because we deserve it, but because God’s love is never satisfied with “good enough.”

I’m so glad he values us more than that.

I invite you to come to Easter worship this Sunday, and learn more about the life that God offers; I think you will be blown away by the extent of His passion for you, and the price he was willing to pay to give you His best.

He values you that much—only His best was good enough for you.

Stay Connected,

Pastor Mike

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